Your garage door plays a significant role in your home, just like other doors. It helps secure your belongings by ensuring that unauthorised people don't access the area or enter the house via the garage. Moreover, garage roller doors enhance your home's curb appeal, and since they come at a high cost, it's better to do everything in your power to ensure they last longer.

Follow these tips to increase the longevity of your commercial or residential garage roller door and save money on replacement or repairs.

Make sure the tracks are clean

Dust, dirt, and other forms of debris can easily get into the garage door tracks. If you try to operate the door while these elements are there, the door will get stuck. Trying to push the door further will also be a mistake, and you may end up destroying the track or door. So, be sure to check your roller door's tracks regularly to remove debris. Also, consider checking the tracks for corrosion and clean them right away as the corrosion can damage the tracks over time.

Keep the moving parts lubricated

Garage roller doors come with moving parts such as the springs, openers and rollers. These components need lubrication to operate smoothly whenever you close or open the garage door. The lubricant will reduce friction on these parts and increase their longevity. However, you cannot use just any lubricant you find in the hardware store; use the one the door manufacturer recommends. Also, you shouldn't use oil or grease because it attracts dust and grit to the components.

Wash the garage door often

Other than maintaining the garage door's moving parts, you also need to clean the door regularly. This not only gives it a pleasant look but also removes the elements that could cause the deterioration of the door's material. All you require is water, a rag and an all-purpose cleaner. As you clean the garage door, be sure to check for corrosion and clean the areas. Then you'll need to apply primer and paint to prevent the door from getting damaged. Make sure water doesn't get into the automatic opener to avoid getting electrocuted or damaging it.

Change the worn-out parts

Garage door components get worn out over time, and if they aren't replaced right away, they cause other parts to stop functioning. For this reason, you should hire an expert to inspect your garage door annually or bi-annually. This will give them the chance to examine the door and replace all the worn parts. This reduces the need for repairs, boosts efficiency and increases longevity.

For more information on roller doors, contact a garage door company.