If you are building a new garage or simply replacing the doors on your existing one, then there is a straightforward choice that needs to be made. What sort of garage doors will be best for your garage? There are four main types of garage door to choose from. Read on to find out more about each of them.

Hinged Doors

This sort of door is just about as simple as they come. Hinged doors look very good on an older garage because they have been used for a long time. With hinged doors on your garage, there is very little to go wrong. However, you need a fair bit of space on your driveway in front of your garage to be able to open them fully. They also take the longest to open by hand.

Up-and-Over Doors

These doors don't require much space at all in front of the garage because they slide back at the top into the garage itself. This means they are good for properties with limited space or where your garage faces directly onto the street. Spring-loaded ones are ideal if you have limited strength because they can hold their position with very little manual force being applied. Up-and-over doors are also one of the cheapest options because they tend to be made from a single sheet of aluminium or PVC rather than several different components and materials.

Sideways Opening Doors

If your garage is wide enough to accommodate one, then a multi-section sideways opening door is a good idea. They are often automated and fold up on a spindle so you don't have to put any effort at all into opening and closing them. Some require a groove to be fitted at the front of your garage so that they remain on track when operated. They don't offer as much security as other options, however, since they can be forced open by a determined intruder.

Roller Shutters

Vertically descending garage doors, which are made up of interlocking sections of steel, are used on commercial garages and other premises all over Australia. They keep out insects and airborne particles very effectively, making them ideal if you own a classic car which needs a good level of protection. In addition, these doors are very secure when locked, so they can help to lower your insurance premiums if you happen to store valuable items in your garage. Both manual and automatic roller shutters are available.