Your home is your most valuable asset. As such you want it to look its best and be secure. For this reason, many are choosing to install automatic gates to their homes. With this enhancement comes many choices. Here are some things to consider when choosing your automatic gates.


What type of automatic gates do you want? There are several styles available in the market to choose from. Do you want two automatic gates that swing open to both sides or would you prefer one that swings out to one direction? There are also automatic gates that slide or roll to either side of the entrance. These sliding automatic gates can also be designed to slide apart in opposite directions. These are all fantastic options that you could consider and use based on your personal preference.

Design and Material

Your automatic gates are an enhancement to your home and property. Therefore, you will want to choose designs and materials that are complementary. Automatic gates are available in a couple of designs and materials. They can be all wood, wood and metal, all metal, wrought iron, and aluminium. You should, therefore, choose a material that best compliments the design of your home. Automatic gates can also be open bars, a solid design or a few other artistic combinations in between. Another choice in automatic gates will be the colour. Some materials and designs have a limited colour availability. This will be a choice you will need to consider while picking out your automatic gates.


Finally, you will need to choose the accessories to include in your automatic gates. Accessories include type of access, video surveillance, intercom, and monitoring. Type of access refers to how your automatic gates will open. A key fob, pin pad entry, or motion sensors are some of the ways you could open the gates. There are even entry methods that can be connected to your cellular device for convenience.

Video surveillance will allow you to see who is at the gate. This option ties in with the intercom. You could add intercom with video to see and communicate with visitors. This feature can also be linked to your smartphone allowing you visual access to your gate when you are away. The final accessory is monitoring. You can choose to have a company monitor your gate for intruders or unwelcome guests.

No matter the style, design, material or accessories you choose for your automatic gates, they are sure to improve your home. The gate will also provide an extra layer of security allowing you to easily screen visitors from the comfort of your home.