There is a great joy that comes with owning your first home – including having your own garage! No more driving around the neighbourhood hunting for a parking area, no concerns about leaving your car sitting in the streets overnight and no more worries about elements damaging your car. Also, there is the great bonus of extra storage or working station.

With all the benefits that come with having your own garage, you want to make sure that it's secure since it serves as an entry to your home, car, and items in storage. A modest lock system might not do you justice since garage door locks make an easy target for burglars.

Keyless garage openers that use a keypad provide a great solution for securing your garage. Here are three reasons why it would make a great purchase for you.

No keys to lose!

Once you buy your first home, keys start to grow like back yard weeds. You probably now own two to three house keys, car keys and maybe the office keys. Sometimes it's very easy to misplace your keys since their bulky weight is not always welcome in your pockets.

With a keyless garage opener system, you need not worry about one more key. Also, you can never lose your key since there is no key to lose! All you need is your code to access your garage.

Easy changing locks!

Using a key and lock isn't always convenient especially when you lose your key, or your certain a stranger has access to your home. You are forced go through a painful, long and costly procedure of changing your locks and getting new keys for your family members and everyone else who needs a key. Also, you will have to complete this process again if you do lose your keys again.

With a keyless garage opener, you gain access through a keypad code that you can change within a few seconds. Once you realise someone unauthorised has access to your code, you can reprogramme your code, and within a few seconds, your garage will be secure.

Multiple access

There are moments where you might require someone to access your home, but you are not going to be available. Let's say you have a repair man coming in, or a package arriving during your working hours.

Keyless garage door openers allow you to create a momentary code to allow access to your home when you're not available. The code only works temporarily, so you don't have to worry about someone else gaining access to your usual code.