Don't underestimate the importance of your home's garage door, as that door is what keeps items you have stored in your garage safe and secure from potential thieves. A strong door also cuts down on humidity, heat, and cold that might get trapped in the garage, protecting your car's battery from draining and protecting tools and other metal pieces from early rust. While you have many options for the material of a garage door, note why steel may be the best out of all your choices:


Steel is easy to recycle and reuse again and again, and many steel garage door manufacturers will use recycled steel pieces when making new doors. While materials like vinyl and PVC can be recycled, it may take more heat to melt them down and process them, which means more fumes and emissions created in the process.

Also, while wood and aluminium can also be recycled, these materials usually have a shorter lifespan than steel, so that virgin materials still need to be harvested more often. Wood may also eventually rot and become soft and weak, so it can't be recycled or reused. If you're very eco-conscious, steel can be the best option.

Durability and strength

PVC and vinyl are very strong, but they look somewhat artificial and you may find them unattractive. While wood and aluminium offer a more natural look, these types of doors aren't necessarily very strong; hail, flying gravel and even kid's bikes and pets can easily cause visible damage to the surface of wood and aluminium doors. Harsh sunlight and other weather elements can fade the colour of wood so that it needs constant repainting and a fresh coat of sealant. Steel garage doors will typically show less damage and will show less wear and tear over the years.


Not only do vinyl and PVC have an artificial look, but these materials typically cannot be repainted or recoloured. Wood can be repainted, but it will fade and need constant touch-ups, as said. Steel garages can be powder coated, which is a type of colour that comes in powder form and which is attached to the metal with an electrical charge. This colour coating won't fade or peel away, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. This also allows you to change the colour of the steel if desired; if you have the garage repainted, or even if you plant new landscaping vegetation, you can have the steel door changed accordingly.