When your commercial facility needs a new commercial garage door, this is a good time to upgrade to something that might better suit your facility overall and that might offer some options and features you didn't have before. Note a few of those options and different types of doors and why they may be the right choice for your commercial facility.

Wind Load

The wind load refers to the strength of wind that a door can withstand before starting to shake or vibrate or come off its frame. The wind load also affects the door's overall impact resistance; the higher the wind load, the greater the impact the door can resist from errant forklifts, flying objects, and the like. If your facility is in a very windy area or regularly suffers strong storms, or the door seems to always be suffering dents and dings for whatever reason, you need a door with a higher wind load.

Self-healing Sections

Self-healing sections refers to panels or sections of the door that separate and which then fall back into place and adhere to each other again. If your door is located in an area with high forklift traffic, this can keep the door from being damaged if forks should run into it. Panels will simply get pushed out of the way and then come back together again.

Counter Doors

Counter doors are usually much smaller and lighter than garage doors, but they offer the advantage of having a locking mechanism on the bottom. This is used to secure a storefront or retail space. For your garage door, look for a large counter door with this added locking mechanism if you need more security for your entryway. Since counter doors can usually be made in a wide variety of sizes and styles, you can probably find one that would suit your garage door needs.

Shutter Doors

Shutters doors are usually more lightweight than commercial garage doors, and are good for areas where they're typically opened and closed more often than standard doors. The lighter weight means less stress or wear and tear on the rollers, springs, and other parts. They're also good if you don't want to invest in an automatic opener, as they're easier to open manually. Shutter doors are also typically thinner than other commercial garage doors so they're good for areas with limited room. If you need the security of a roller door for your storefront or storage facility, but don't want a heavy door meant for forklift traffic, a shutter door can be the right solution.