Securing your garage is an important thing. You not only keep burglars from stealing the car and other valuable accessories but also ensure that it is safe from other potential risks of damage such as young children playing around. For you to maximise the privacy and security of your garage, you must choose an appropriate access mechanism. It should also be convenient for you whenever you want to drive into or out of the garage. If you are setting up a garage swing gate, here are some of the access alternatives that you can go for:

Electronic Access

Electronic access works with automated gates. Here the system is quite sophisticated, and the lock mechanism allows you to choose from a range of unlocking mechanisms. You can use electronic keys, swipe cards or codes to open the gate. Preferably, you should use codes to minimise the inconveniences that come with losing swipe cards. Electronic lock access is hard to manipulate given its computerised nature. This optimises the security in your garage.

Manual Access

In manual access, you open the gate by hand. It a very simple access mechanism. Manual access is the most reliable in cases where automation is not possible or convenient. For instance, it can work even in places with no power supply. Ideally, you can use a padlock that must be unlocked using a key or code before swinging the gate open for maximum security. On the downside, manual access can easily be manipulated by burglars by cutting and ripping off the padlock. 

Remote Controlled Access

Remote controlled access is one of the convenient access mechanisms. It gives you an easy time, especially when driving up to the gate. You don't have to get down and open the gate, unlike the manual access alternative. The problem with the remote controlled access mechanism is the possibility of losing the remote control, damaging it or forgetting to replace the batteries in time when they run out.

Intercom Access

Intercom access uses intercommunication devices to allow access to your garage. Here, different computerised devices are connected to each other, and they can decode vocal and visual messages to open and close your gate. Here, you can combine a security camera fitted on your garage and a talkback device fitted in your car and the garage as well. These devices will decode your vocal instructions or the camera's image and open or close your garage's swing gate.