Garage doors get a lot of use being opened and closed thousands of times over their lifetime. Although you might expect your garage door to open and close smoothly every time you use it, the chances are sooner or later it will not. Below are four of the most common problems that affect garage doors and some solutions to get your broken garage door working again.

Garage Door is Stuck

There are several issues which can cause a garage door to become stuck in one position. If you have a remote opener on your garage door, you should check that the batteries or power supply to the sensors and controls are in good working order. You should then check that the wheel track is free from obstructions and remove any debris you find on the track. You should also check that the springs and cables that hold the door in place are the same length and tension. 

Uneven Movement

If your garage door will open but opens unevenly, you should carry out the same inspection as you would with a stuck garage door, first checking and clearing the wheel track of debris and then inspecting the springs. If the springs are not balanced at the same tension and length, this can cause the door to be become unbalanced, resulting in uneven movement during opening.

Strange Noises

If you hear grinding, squealing or screeching noises when you open or close your garage door, the likely cause is a lack of lubrication on the wheel track. To remedy this problem, you should use a cloth to wipe down the wheel track, removing any old lubrication and debris. You should then spray WD40 or a similar hardware lubricant onto the tracks. Once you have applied the lubricant, you should open and close the garage door several times to ensure it spreads to all the moving parts. 

Garage Door Falls Quickly

A garage door which shuts very quickly in an uncontrolled way can pose a massive risk of injury or even death. The cause of quick ad uncontrolled closing of a garage door is generally a loose or broken spring or cable. With the door in the closed position, you should inspect the cables and springs in your garage. You should not attempt to replace or repair the springs yourself, the high tension required can lead to injury. It is best to have a qualified garage door repair technician carry out the work.

If you are experiencing ongoing problems with your garage door, you should have it serviced by a repair technician.