Burglar bars are those thick steel bars that are placed over windows to help prevent break-ins, whereas security screens are thick screens that take the place of your standard mesh screens and which also offer protection for your home. While each option may have certain advantages, there are reasons why security screens can be a better option for most homes. Note a few of those advantages and then discuss this option with a contractor as needed.

1. Property values

Burglar bars may come in a variety of styles that often attempt to make them seem an unobtrusive as possible, but the bottom line is that they are still quite noticeable when installed outside your home. This can make a neighborhood seem as if it's high crime or that your home is especially vulnerable to break-ins for some reason. In turn, your property values may actually go down. However, security screens are far less noticeable and may not affect your home's overall appearance or its value. Talk to a real estate agent or appraiser in your area to note if your choice might affect your home's property value if this is a concern for you.

2. Egress

Security screens may be installed on durable hinges and then locked into place with a heavy-duty lock; this keeps them secure but also allows you quick egress or exit from the inside, in case of an emergency. Burglar bars are often installed outside the home with bolts and may not even offer a way of egress. It's easy to think that this is acceptable in a room that isn't always occupied or isn't occupied at night when a fire might be more likely to break out, but remember that in an emergency, someone in the family may run to a particular room to get away from a fire. Having burglar bars installed in any window of the home, if they don't offer quick egress, can be dangerous and downright deadly.

3. Weight

Security screens are usually made from very durable aluminum or lightweight steel, making them an easier installation for your home. Installing heavy burglar bars may mean having to bolt the bars to the inside studs or frame of the home, whereas security screens can often be mounted right to the window frame. An easier installation may mean that you can install them yourself, and there is less risk of the screens causing damage to your home because of their weight.

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