If you spent a lot of money to buy and install your automatic garage door, the least you should expect from it is reliable service. However, just like any other automatic door, your automatic garage door too will encounter problems in the course of its lifespan. For that reason, you should be aware of signs that point towards the fact that automatic garage doors are experiencing problems that call for repair service. Here are a few surefire signs of automatic garage door problems that you should never disregard.

Door stops during operation.

Automatic garage doors come with a door sensor positioned along the track, which is designed to stop a door if a physical item is detected in the door's path of travel. If your door stops on its way as you are opening or closing it and there is nothing blocking its path, then you need to have it checked out. It could be that the track is bent or out of place and needs to be hammered back into alignment.

Because the door's track should be well-aligned in order to allow for unobstructed movement of the rollers, you should let an expert fix the problem instead of risking further misalignment by banging the track by yourself.

Strange noises produced during operation.

Surely your automatic garage door should not produce grinding, creaking or scraping sounds when it is working properly. If you start hearing any of these unusual sounds, then you should get the door repaired. In such cases, chances are high that one or more components are too old or worn down and need to be replaced; in most cases, you will need new springs. The strange noises could also indicate that it is time to lubricate the wheels and bearings on your garage door.

Remote-controlled door opener won't open the door.

If your remote-controlled device is not opening your automatic garage door, it might have suffered electronic malfunction. You can test if it is working by using the wall switch to open the door. If the wall switch opens the door, then it is your remote that has a problem. The batteries or the device itself may need replacement.

If the lights on your remote opener are coming on but the door does not open, the door will need to be inspected for electrical problems. It could be that there is faulty wiring or blown out circuit breakers that need to be repaired.